5 Common Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

When first starting out it can be difficult to know what you should and shouldn’t be doing as a blogger. Good design lends itself to going unnoticed while bad design and practices can leave a sour taste in the mind of your readers – often by this stage it’s too late to win them back over. Below are some of the common blogging mistakes that new bloggers often assume are right but that should actually be avoided.


It’s cool to use funky background images and play around with fonts and colours but the reality is, reading online is a strain on the eyes and like 99% of blogs on the internet you should stick to a white or very light background and dark or black text. It will help the reader focus on whats important and that’s your great content. Simple!



Your blog should be sleek and clutter free. Your words are what is important so let them do the speaking – a fancy flashing image or too many ads will distract and irritate the reader. You want your audience to become engrossed in what they are reading and flashy ads or too much movement on the screen will only distract them. Unless necessary avoid ads in your article and keep your side bar clean and helpful.



Numerous times blogs hit the user with a pop-up subscription box immediately when they arrive. Almost every user will click through this with ‘No Thanks’ to get to the content they came for. After all, they will want to see the content before deciding whether to subscribe or not. There is no doubt pop-ups increase conversions and if used properly are a great tool for bloggers but give the user time to get to know about your blog before prompting them to subscribe. It can be annoying otherwise and you only get one shot at a first impression, right!



One of the most common blogging mistakes is to use stock photo’s from google images. You shouldn’t really be doing this to begin with but we understand when you are first starting you have enough to learn without having to add image creation to your list. If possible try to source your own unique images or use text images which is always a safe bet. A sign of a serious blog is when their imagery is uniformed and looks like it has been created specifically for purpose, which is often not the case with images lifted from google.



You should definitely be linking content between your own articles on your blog, this is good standard practice SEO. However, there are ways to link correctly and ways to not. For example, rather than saying “here are 8 books every entrepreneurs should read, click here“. Try “here are 8 books every entrepreneur should read” keeping the link text relevant and to the point. Make sure your post is easy to read by avoiding web address urls – A post should read like a book using good English so a link to our site would be written as theAccidentalInvestor not http://theaccidentalinvestor.com/


We’d love to hear what you think! What are the biggest mistakes you’ve seen on a blog. Put it in the comments so everyone can see and learn from eachother. P.s. We don’t profess to be perfect ourselves, just pleasant and helpful in what we try to do 😉 Thanks for reading.

If you haven’t started your blog yet, check out our How to Start a Blog – A Beginners Guide which will have you up and running in no time!

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5 Responses

  1. Hi Alex,
    Simple wins.
    I read a blog earlier today. Fab message but the font was all but unreadable. Really slanted, almost cursive. Tough look and no doubt, such a blog will have a tough time making it up in circles because most folks reject complex. But they love simple.
    I have a clean, simple bespoke theme. When I add ads or banners or eBooks or courses, all says Blogging From Paradise. Simple. Clear. Powerful. No busy-ness.
    Fab post. Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Signing off from Thailand.

  2. Thanks Ryan! Yes with such a diverse potential readership it usually pays to keep blogs simple and clear. I really like the theme you use at Blogging from Paradise – it certainly gets the Paradise message across! Keep up the good work and great posts. Enjoy Thailand! All the best.

  3. multigad says:

    Very nice depth 🙂

  4. Nice article to learn about Common Blogging Mistakes that should avoid. I agreed with some point of this article like Blog should be simple or easy to understand & Blogger should use Google Images but apart these I would like to know…

    How to use keywords while doing blog commenting ? Is there any specific tricks to make links via blog commenting ?

  5. anjali says:

    Beautiful words….

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