How to Setup a Facebook Fanpage for your Blog

Now you’ve setup your blog it’s time to start linking some social media accounts. Initially, until your site beds into google, this will probably be your main source of traffic. So, let’s get started with a Facebook Fanpage.


  1. Go to to get started
  2. Click on Brand or Product in the upper right box
  3. In the category dropdown, select Website
  4. Type in your blog name under the Category dropdown box, check the box to agree to Facebook’s TOS, and click Get Started

Note: It’s absolutely fine to be logged into your personal Facebook account when you create your Fan page. There is no link back to your personal page so if you are trying to keep your real identity separate then don’t be put off by this step.

STEP 1 – Go to

Facebook Fanpage - Create a page

STEP 2 – Select Brand or Product in the top righ Facebook Fanpage – Brand or product

Facebook Fanpage - Brand or product

STEP 3 – Select ‘Website’ from the category drop down

Facebook Fanpage - Brand or product

STEP 4 – Enter your Blog name under the category drop-down box, click to agree to Facebook’s TOS and click Get started!

Facebook Fanpage - brand or product

STEP 5 – Provide basic information about your page

Fill in a description, your blog’s URL and choose a unique Facebook URL for your fan page. You’ll also be asked if your page represents a real business, product, or brand – it’s fine if yours doesn’t and really depends on if you consider your blog a business or brand. Answering ‘No; is fine.

Facebook Fanpage - Set up NABM test

STEP 6 – Upload a profile picture

If you have a logo, use it here. If you don’t you can skip this step and always come back later. I decided to pick an image as a place holder since i don’t really have a proper logo at the moment.

Facebook Fanpage - Set up NABM test

STEP 7 – Add your blog to favorites

This option will place a link to your blog in the left sidebar when you’re signed into Facebook. Its optional but a bit of a must since it makes finding your page alot easier for your viewers

Facebook Fanpage - NABM test

STEP 8 – Admin panel

Explore the settings and options, this is all pretty self explanatory and Facebook guides you through it pretty well.

Facebook Fanpage - Admin panel

STEP 9 – Congratulations, You’re done! 

When you visit Facebook from your personal profile, your page will show up in the navigation panel on the left – Click this to view your Fan page.

Also, when you post something on your Fanpage, it will show up as your blog name, NOT your personal name. However, if you are going to visit another page and want to comment from your blog instead of your personal profile, you’ll need to check for the profile pic icon next to the # comments # shares section of the post you are going to like or comment on. Use the drop down to switch between your personal and Fan page. Similarly when you want to like or share a page, click on the three dots next to the Like, follow, share buttons and select Like as your page, Facebook will confirm which profile you will be liking and sharing from. Remember, you can always check and undo what you have done from your Activity log

Facebook offers lots of ways to promote your Fanpage and posts. These are generally accepted as the best way to drive traffic and attract likes (after inviting friends and family of course). Finally, don’t forget to add the relevant social media buttons to your blog and any other media profiles.

With thanks to: NABM for their original post

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