Money and Finance Documentaries (with links to watch)

Here are some of the best money and finance documentaries available online – we have even provided the links so you can watch them right here! Enjoy the best money and finance documentaries below and let us know what you think in the comments at the end. If you’re looking for Films about Money then you should definitely check out our 14 Money Films you Must Watch. Enjoy!

Warren Buffet – The worlds greatest money maker
He has more money than the gross domestic products (GDP) of more than half the worlds countries, so you might learn a thing or two! You should know who he is but if not this BBC documentary gives a great intro. If you do, its still worth a watch as this gives a great insight into Warren’s world.

Million Dollar Traders – Three part trading documentary
A really interesting three part finance documentary in which Lex Van Dam (an ex-Goldmans trader) gives a million dollars to 12 ordinary people to see if they can beat the professionals at trading.

Britains Trillion Pound Island – Inside Cayman 2016 BBC documentary
Ever wondered why all those Hedge funds are registered in the Cayman islands.. this interesting 1 hour finance documentary tells you pretty much everything you need to know about the place. Long shrouded in secrecy this is a rare glimpse into what goes on inside the Cayman islands.

How oil industry conquered the world : Story of oil – Documentary 2015 HD (formally Black Gold – The story of oil)
Did you know oil has only been around for about 60 years or so?? This is the incredible story of how oil grew to become known as the black gold it is today. A truly fascinating and educational History Channel documentary about the rise of oil. A lot worse ways to spend 43 minutes and 12 seconds. Trust me.. just watch it, let me know what you think in the comments below when you’re done. (formally

The Ascent of Money: A Financial History of the world
An really interesting and informative finance documentary by Niall Ferguson which examines the origins of the pillars of the world’s financial system, and how behind every great historical phenomenon, empires and republics, wars and revolutions, there lies a financial secret. Watch this to complete your finance history class!

Philosophy – A guide to Happiness
A very interesting 7 part (7 x 25mins) series in which De Bottom applies ancient philosophies to modern day conundrums.. such as how to be happy. Socrates will teach you to have confidence in your own beliefs while Epicurus will tell you the secret formula for happiness (I wont spoil it but its simpler than you think). Definitely worth a watch

Traders – Millions by the minute
Probably slightly overdone but Millions By The Minute still gives a good look into the fast and fiercely competitive world of financial traders. Have to admit, this could be a guilty pleasure as you start to watch more and more episodes. Don’t blame me if you do get hooked! I warned you upfront!

The Wall Street Stock Exchange – Top Documentary Film
History of how Wall Street and the Stock market all began. It’s another history lesson but interesting all the same.

Stephen Fry’s Key to the City – Exploring the Mysteries of the City of London
It’s London and i love it…so i’m adding it here.. and with the added bonus of Stephen Fry whats not to like. This 2014 documentary explores the mysteries of the City of London (still, for me, the financial capital of the world)

Wall street worriers
Similar to Millions by the minute – again strangely addictive if you’re happy to waste away a few hours

Know of another great money or finance documentary, drop it in the comment so we can be sure to check it out

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