BOOKS – Have a browse and pick something new to read. There are some great books here to inspire, teach and entertain.

Check out some interesting new books to read ->

VIDEO – I’ve put together a list of Documentaries and Videos that are all available to watch online. Each of these has at some-point been of great interest to me, watch how the oil industry first started right the way through to watching how a bunch of ordinary folk got on when they were given 1 million pounds and let loose on a trading floor. Excuse the guilty pleasures in here but if you’re looking for money related videos to watch, this is the place to fill your boots.

Kill some time by watching some videos here ->

FILMS – A list of what i think are some of the best finance and money related films of all time. If you’re looking for something to get the motivation going, check out this list.

I need something inspiring to watch, take me to the films list ->

WEBSITES – There has never been so much information available so easily. The trouble is where do you start? Well… right here is as good a place as any. Some great blogs, reference websites and tools that will be sure to make your favorites list.

Some great online resources, click here ->

TOOLS – I’ve been asked before what i use to develop websites, host them, track metrics.. so here is a running list of the tools i’m using today. A good reference if you are looking for the complete set of resources to help build your web empire.

Tools of the trade, click here to see what they are and where to get them ->

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